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Hello, friends. Today we meet new FTV girl, another one teeny model. She has a strange name – Miyu and strange appearance (may be cause she is participle Korean). She is 21 y.o. and she has a boyfriend. But she don’t see him mach that’s why she had to masturbate a lot. That’s why her way – right to FTV girls. Where she will be masturbate with toys in various locations. And that’s not all. Miyu didn’t know that she will be taking part in lesbian action with FTV girl Danielle. To tell the true, it wasn’t usual girl-girl action. But girls kissing and toying each other. Totally, Miyu has 319 Photos & 4600 Mb of HD videos in the FTV members area. Subscribe FTV today and you’ll see the great flexibility of Miyu, breast massage with her, masturbation and girl-girl actions, flashing, pussy staffing (including bananas) and great deal of close-ups. Today I’ve prepared for you big amount of free picture to rate this girl all around.

FTV Teen Girl Miyu:


Model’s Comments: I thought of performance something as it so long, but it is required some guts at last to tell, ‘ allows, do it! ‘. I have sent in some pictures, that I thought, was hot which I have taken for my friend. I am in Detroit right now, but it not that, whence I – originally. My friend – bicyclist BMX also does all kinds of competitions. I sometimes do not see it very much when it is in round so for this reason I am engaged masturbation much. I can have probably 5 orgasms in one day if I try, at least which is the report which I remember. So, when guy from FTV has asked me if I could have real orgasms on the chamber, I have told to it yes, even if for video before the stranger. Thus I flied completely from Detroit up to Phoenix, and have met them in a complex of a cinema. I did not know what to expect, as probably terrible old photographer, but instead of it was welcomed by very nice busty girl and the pure guy of reduction. I – in girls, and not, that I had sex with any girls before, but I would like by one day. At once me and Danielle imitate it on a way back to their house. I was tired up to death, thus I have gone the right to sleep. Day of hunting next day! In the morning, I have dressed up with the same clothes which I carried at the airport, and guy FTV, solved that I carry to go to avenue, to shoot. It complained, that I did not bring enough clothes with me, but I really did not know! I never did anything as it before, but I have found it surprise, how much easy it was for me to highlight my blockheads around of avenue! Teasing with Danielle was the basic moment for me, and it – good the one who kisses. Other basic moment was engaged masturbation with one of vibrators Danielle, I had no orgasm in days. Guy FTV derided me how I cover my person with my hand when I gather orgasm. Something, that I do subconsciously, not, that I do it purposely! Visit Miyu profile on FTV girls >>

Sample Miyu’s Photos:

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456 463
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Comments of Danielle: So, while back FTV videographer has shown me pictures Miyu. It has not been assured, whether it wished to employ it as model FTV, but I thought, that it was completely hot, thus I encouraged it to use it. We really did not know, whether it was going to be found out or not because nobody has heard anything from it during some time. Night, that it should fly in, FTV videographer, some of its friends and has directly gone to see cinema. Well halfway at cinema FTV videographer receives the text message, that it waits at the airport. I assume, that it waited at the airport during similar for one and a half hours…. It is a pity Miyu. I have remained and observed other part of cinema, while FTV videographer have gone to pick up it. When it was found out at theatre, I resembled completely enamoured. Miyu – absolutely my type. It was friendly, and talkative, let alone the first-rate quality nice. Anyway next day Miyu and I have gone to this really cool external avenue. We have very similar tastes in warehouses and clothes. We assorted a little….., it is seriously greater that who kisses. Then Miyu and I have taken the small chamber in a bookshop and have taken some ” amateur style ” video footage. I assume, that someone was direct behind of me observing while Miyu it was removed so, we partly worried and have decided to remove each other in a lavatory so that nobody could see us. We have gone to restaurant of a barbecue later and is direct after we have received the finished meal which we have decided to leave outside and to make still some shooting. Well I assume, that there was this casual guy at the restaurant, only sticking a sight in Miyu and me, thus we have flied up to go home. By the way…. What not so with you people? You should be absolutely excited, that there are two flashing girls and kissing before you. Find it the privilege. See all FTV girls >>

Screenshots From Miyu’s Videos:

002 008
017 019
020 023
037 038
048 058
064 0201

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Comments of the Recording FTV videographer/photographer: Danielle partially encouraged me to adjust hunting; it has been located in suburb of Detroit so it is rather far from Phoenix. Thus it should remain within 2-3 days, and a dream. When it has arrived, it was very friendly, quiet, without any attitude or assumptions. It has made shooting very easy, and was an entertainment to work with. Even at that is its first time, doing any kind ‘ adult ‘ hunting, it was convenient movement directly to public nakedness, with support Danielle. I have made so that they used small video the chamber to make some internal material in a bookshop. Miyu it is easily wakened, and use of the vibrator, it comes in strong, fast, natural orgasm. A paper clip 6 – some additional video, the girls preparing and Miyu, speaking about a part of its private life, coming to avenue. Download Miyu’s sample video here >>

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  1. Miyu / December 19, 2008

    I would like to take a minute and explain to everyone that sees this, that the model comments are inaccurate. I partake in masturbation like any other sane person, but I do not do it to fulfill needs I once didn’t have. I love my boyfriend, and everything about him. I hate to see this site inform others information that is skewed to my knowledge. My boyfriend is respectful and understanding and is the best person that has ever entered my life. Please leave him out of everything and anything that matters in this realm. He belongs to me and our feelings and pleasures are only between us. <3

    Just know…Not everything is as real as it seems.

  2. Reply
  3. admin / December 19, 2008

    Miyu, sorry if something wrong. Model Comments rewrited with the special program to differ from original. But they not very different. Did you see your comments in the membera area?

  4. Reply
  5. A Miyu Fan / December 19, 2008

    Dear Miyu,

    Rest assured that most of us do not take the comments very seriously and I hope that the negative experience you had with FTV does not prevent you from pursuing a career in adult modeling. You have many fans from your exposure on FTV and I certainly speak for them when I say we would love to see you create your own site where you may be properly represented. Please feel free to contact me through the Admin if this might be something you are interested in. We, as your fans, are extremely grateful to the generosity of your boyfriend and hope that you and he will be willing to share yourself with the public once again.

    P.S. to Admin, please feel free to release my e-mail to Miyu. Also, I don’t think her comments were specific to your site but rather to the original site from which you translated. Bravo to you for providing a forum for her to speak out and provide the truth.

  6. Reply
  7. oh yeah / July 5, 2010

    I just found out about you Miyu. You are incredible. I immediately started masterbating to the first nude photo I saw of you. Those nipples are gorgeous. And thank you for that awesome picture showing your clitoris close up. So beautiful.

  8. Reply
  9. jay / September 16, 2010

    cynthia edwards

  10. Reply
  11. jay / September 16, 2010

    find more photos of her on facebook
    name: cynthia edwards
    networks: michigan

  12. Reply
  13. jayroe / October 26, 2010

    Admin – please contact me as soon as possible.

  14. Reply
  15. yakuza / December 9, 2010

    i wannan fucked or sex this girl so sexy body

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